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Railway electrification

Build new rail lines and increase the capacity of existing lines, reduce costs and make new connections. High-performance rail electrification meets all expectations of rail infrastructure operators today and is a key component of tomorrow's end-to-end digital network infrastructure. We provide products and services for the entire rail electrification system. Take advantage of the technology we use that is time-resistant.

Planning and Consulting

From consulting and analysis to project development: work with our experienced team to get the best results for your system.

Contact Lines

We offer all the services and products you need for your rail, earth wire, return conductor, catenary wire, contact wire projects - from consulting to worldwide service.

AC feeder for the catcher

When it comes to electric railways, we are the right power supply partner for AC locomotives. We select products from the best manufacturers in this field guaranteeing high quality and lowest maintenance cost.

Network Management

Operation and monitoring, status monitoring and smart management: our integrated systems give you a complete overview of all your electrification levels.

DC feeder for the catcher

From consulting to after-sales service, we offer DC systems for rail lines, DC power supply etc.